K-9 Meet & Greet Service

One of the services that we offer here at K-9 Behave is the “K-9 Meet & Greet.” Many K-9’s are the only dogs in the home and are reactive when other humans come to visit. This aggressive behavior can even apply when there are multiple dogs in the home with their combined energy response. You will see barging towards the door, jumping on guests, and in some cases growling and baring their teeth to the point where the owner has to put them in a cage (kennel), or isolate them.

Many K-9’s are the only dogs in the home and are reactive when other K-9’s or humans come to visit. We transition the K-9 from being negatively responsive to being relaxed with visitors.

Other times a new K-9 is brought into the home, or visiting humans bring their K-9’s along with them, and these actions heighten to where the K-9 living within the home becomes even more territorial, aggressive and attacking the other animal.

One case that we were contacted about was a couple who both had K-9’s, living separately, and were getting married preparing to move into the same apartment. On their own they attempted to bring the K-9’s together and one K-9 attacked the other. Resulting in one K-9 being bitten by the other. This was a very dangerous situation. Though the owners were able to separate the two K-9’s, luckily neither one of the owners were hurt.

Upon meeting the K-9’s for the first time, our trainer Keynoe pointed out to the owners the signs of distress that may have prevented the attack. Once understood, the trainer proceeded with the actions of introducing the K-9’s with control but without force.

K-9 Behave is also hired to make introductions when homes are expecting extended stay human guests, or a new permanent member of the home. (Without an additional animal.) There are K-9’s who are fearful of new humans being around and there are some humans who have a fear of K-9’s. The first goal is to relax the K-9 because by doing so it eases the owners concerns and the additional human then feels comfortable enough to eventually be in the home alone.

The “Meet & Greet” service teaches the K-9 that they can not be too territorial over the home and to redirect the urge to attack by relaxation and/or redirect energy.

Are you in the Las Vegas area and seeking to have the right introduction made? Our team is available. If you are not in the state of Nevada travel training bookings are the way to go.

Set up your appointment by calling 702-619-9907
Send us an e-mail www.k-9behave.com/contact

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K-9 Behavioral Modification & Training is a positive reinforcement k-9 training company located in Las Vegas, NV. Specializing in working with adopted and rescue dogs, correcting aggressive behaviors, along with other training needs that come along with owning a K-9. We work with k-9’s of any age and every breed.

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