2020 New Year’s Resolutions For Your K-9

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It’s already the middle of January therefore that means that it is still technically the beginning of the year. When most people think of New Year’s Resolutions those plans are typically personally (human) based goals. But, what about your K-9? It is a new year for them too.

Owning a K-9 should entail spending time with them to understand them better and to continue keeping them healthy during their lifespan with you. There are many owners who are unable to fit in the time in their schedule’s to take their K-9 outside of the house or apartment for a walk, and there are other’s who never take their K-9’s to the veterinarian. Small ways of caring for your K-9 that can make a huge impact on their lives.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com
This year if you aren’t able to keep your personal resolutions here are some considerable ways to make your K-9’s year a great one.

Schedule A Wellness Appointment With The Veterinarian
When was the last time that your K-9 was taken to the vet? If you haven’t before now is a good time to schedule a visit. If you are considering hiring a trainer soon or sending your K-9 to board while you are away having up to-date-shots is very important. A visit to the vet can teach you about your K-9’s health, letting you know if they are over weight and give you dietary suggestions.

Go Hiking Together
Getting out in nature is always a great feeling. Depending on the location and your K-9’s discipline, there are trails that don’t require a leash giving your K-9 the freedom to sniff and explore a new environment. Be sure to watch your K-9 carefully so that they do not eat anything or go into thorny bushes. Most trails that are recreational provide signs as a reminder of theses things so that your adventure is safe and fun.

Enroll In Training
Does your K-9 have behaviors that frustrate you and don’t seem to be going away? Sometimes people get K-9’s but they are not prepared for the actual responsibility of owning one. Start researching local trainers and learn about which area of support your K-9 can benefit from. There are different type’s and levels of training. If you are in Las Vegas be sure contact K-9 Behave to schedule courses.

Visit The Groomers
Being pampered feels great to us humans so why not give your K-9 a spa day? A groomer will make your K-9 look great with most grooming salons including bathing, trimming and styling. Some people dread giving their K-9 a bath or feel that they don’t need one but good hygiene is beneficial for any creature.

Take A Professional Photoshoot
Social media is where most of us turn to share our photo opts of our fur friends. While that is fun to do, getting a private shoot with printed photos is great for displaying around the home and at work. There are K-9 photographers who can capture angles of the most active and energetic  K-9’s. Or, you can always have a traditional family portrait taken with your K-9 sitting next to you.

Studies have shown that people who own K-9’s live longer than those who don’t. Make your K-9’s life one that you both will enjoy!

K. Crystal Carter

Published by k9behavetraining

K-9 Behavioral Modification & Training is a positive reinforcement k-9 training company located in Las Vegas, NV. Specializing in working with adopted and rescue dogs, correcting aggressive behaviors, along with other training needs that come along with owning a K-9. We work with k-9’s of any age and every breed.

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