Returned To The Shelters & Finally Adopted: The Case of Hero & Zoey

Hero & Zoey were adopted into the same home after both of them being sent back to the shelters multiple times. Their current owner was determined to keep them so she contacted K-9 Behave.

With Hero (left), though small, he was jumping on people, leash pulling, chewing furniture and not listening. He had no concept of “No.” Which with any K-9, them not listening turns into multiple issues from behavioral to safety. To most he was adorable but too much of a challenge to look after.

Zoey (right) was heavily influenced by Hero and also had a bad habit of whining for attention. Her whining was the primary reason that she was return to shelters on multiple occasions by families who had adopted her. After being taken to the veterinarian and examined, it was determined that there was absolutely nothing wrong with Zoey health wise. In fact, to the vets staff she jokingly became known as “The Whiner.” She had simply learned early on in her life that by whining she would get attention from those around her.

The constant whining, no matter what, to be pet, for food, for water, to interrupt a conversation that was happening between humans, when new guests came over to get their attention, early mornings, and all through the night just was not something that her first homes wanted to deal with long-term.

Once the two were adopted into the same home Hero actually started to pick up Zoey’s habit of whining for attention.

Hero and Zoey’s current owner fell in love with her two K-9’s and felt bad that they kept being returned to the shelters. At first it was assumed that they would hopefully grow out of their behaviors, but it was quickly understood that was not going to happen.

K-9 Behave worked with both of them and their progress was exceptional. Because this case was one where the K-9’s have gone from home to home we still work with them doing maintenance training and taking them on trips to the park and on hikes.

Our Goal: Keep Them In The Home

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Best Regards,
Keynoe Menes
CEO & Master Trainer

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