About Us

IMG_20181012_225928_eK-9 Behave is a positive reinforcement training program that provides results to various training needs and guidance for K-9 owners. The purpose of our company is to bring balance to your home creating a better relationship between owners and their k-9 companions. Informing owners of what issues they are experiencing and how to manage them.

Understanding that each case is and will always be different, we provide multiple services from adoption/rescue training, puppy training, aggressive k-9 modification, basic commands, and more. Through management techniques we challenge the k-9 by addressing and correcting unruly behaviors, ultimately bringing them to an end. Through the use of K-9 CPR Training (Consistent-Persistent-Resilient) we properly communicate and establish what was previously not understood by the k-9.

Anyone who decides to open their home to a k-9 can benefit from training with K-9 Behave. Rather you have recently adopted a k-9, are fostering a k-9, received a new puppy, or have had a k-9 for years, we can help you. Many people enjoy having a k-9 around but are not prepared for the k-9’s personality when they receive a k-9 into their home. Ultimately leading to owners considering taking their k-9s to a shelter. We are proud to say that we have saved each k-9 when contacted about the owner possibly giving their k-9 away. ALL AGGRESSIVE Behaviors as well as excessive barking, jumping on guests, leash pulling during walks and so much more can all be corrected.

Advice From K-9 Behave

Ask yourself what areas do you want your dog to improve in first. Inquire about the methods used to train and the philosophy of the trainer. Review the years of experience that the trainer has. Be prepared to be a part of the training experience along with your dog. Don’t be afraid to ask as many questions as you like and need.

Any and all questions are perfect to ask. Just be sure you are ready for the hard work and fun that comes with undertaking of K-9 rehabilitation and training. As it is a great learning and bonding experience.

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