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Personal Training Skills

10 years experience in Behavioral Modification and Training. I start with an individual analysis of your unique relationship with your dog, understanding your habits and the areas you’d like to most improve in. Behavioral training with me, and you as an owner, results in a better balanced relationship for both you and your companion.

Training dogs and my love of wolves studying and understanding them in the wild largely influenced my training techniques. This has been a lifelong passion which began when I was very young. This love for caring for dogs is ingrained in generations of my family. Finding strays, my father always said, “In order to  let the dog in, you train them.” In order to achieve this I had to study and learn to better understand the K-9’s watch and observe, which allowed me to develop, and advance my skills as a trainer over the years, Using at the core of my training positive reinforcements and staying updated on the newest techniques.

As I watched my father train K-9’s that he brought into our martial arts schools growing up I became attentive of  how the K-9 would develop from care and attention as opposed to force and anger which caught my eye and influenced my training style  I began training Pitt Bulls then moved on to other K-9’s like St. Bernards, Rottweilers, German Shepherds, , and developed my very own techniques. I loved the joy of watching dogs run free responding when I call, and them and I being able to enjoy a hike with no worries. Having that ease of control is a great thing.

What types of customers have I worked with?

Welcoming a K-9 into your life brings both joy and challenges, and with both, growth is always possible. Cases that I have worked with have come from various backgrounds and history’s of behaviors. Adoptive dogs have been my specialty, as this particular situation requires more patience because the K-9 cannot tell you what it has experienced verbally. There are also people who welcome K-9s into their homes that have been gifted to them, but they themselves have never shared a space with a dog previously. Generally, people desire to have a well-trained dog at home and in public which gives pride to owner and happiness to the dog. Owners of different breeds with all levels of understanding of dog behaviors have been worked with.

Advice From K-9 Behave

Ask yourself what areas do you want your dog to improve in first. Inquire about the methods used to train and the philosophy of the trainer. Review the years of experience that the trainer has. Be prepared to be a part of the training experience along with your dog. Don’t be afraid to ask as many questions as you like and need.

Any and all questions are perfect to ask. Just be sure you are ready for the hard work and fun that comes with undertaking of K-9 rehabilitation and training. As it is a great learning and bonding experience.